Transformer Products

Fargo Electric specializes in Custom Built Multi-Tap Primary, Drive Isolation Transformers for machinery.

* 11-145 KVA Units are in stock and ready to ship!

* 208v/240v/480v Multi Tap Primary

* Secondary Voltages avail-208y/120, 400y/230 or 480y/277 Volts, all have +5% & -5% Taps to fine tune the output voltage.

Fargo Electric also supplies Dry Type Isolation and Drive Isolation Transformers with Single Tap Primary or Multi Tap Primary Voltages from 5-300 KVA.

Autotransformers and Buck-Boost Transformers are also available.

Drive Isolation Transformer Features

  • The steel core is increased to operate the transformer at a lower flux density to prevent saturation.
  • Standard K-Factor 4 Rating (others are available)
  • Extra bracing to withstand the mechanical stresses of the current reversals and short circuits associated with SCR drives
  • Isolates the power source from low frequency noise generated by SCR voltage spikes and transient feedback
  • Lower than normal losses and temperature rise for greater life expectancy and overload capability
  • Thermal protectors (Thermostats) for over temperature tripping are provided
  • Reduces short circuit currents
  • Full current rated neutral
    – Class 220 Insulation
    – Electrostatically Shielded
    – NEMA 3R Enclosures
    – 150° C Temperature Rise
    – CSA certified
    – UL Listed
    – ISO9001 Quality Certification
    – Available in Aluminum (Al) or Copper (Cu) windings

Steps for Selecting your THREE PHASE TRANSFORMER

  1. Determine primary or supply voltage.
  2. Select secondary or load voltage.
  3. Verify three phase operation.
  4. Standard transformers are suitable for operation on a 60 Hz (hertz, or cycle) system.
  5. Determine kVA range of load. Select a transformer having a standard kVA range equal to or greater than that required by the load.

Formula for calculating three phase kVA:

kVA = (Volts x Amps x 1.73)

divided by 1000